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Forms in a Buyer Transaction

Posted in Forms by Jeff Dowler on October 3, 2006

Here are some of the forms you can expect to review and sign as part of the typical residential real estate transaction here in California. Not all forms will be applicable in all situations. If you are buying in another state, check with your Realtor to find out what forms are used and familiarize yourself with them. Be sure to ask questions about anything you do not understand.



  • Residential Purchase Agreement and Join Escrow Instructions (RPA-CA)
  • Buyer’s Inspection Advisory (BIA)
  • Disclosure and Consent for Representation of More than One Buyer or Seller (DA)
  • Contingency for Sale or Purchase of Other Property (COP)
  • Wood Destroying Pest Inspection and Allocation of Cost Addendum (WPA)
  • Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships (AD)
  • Addendum to the Purchase Agreement (APA)
  • Buyer’s Election of Inspections (BEI)
  • Counter Offer No. ___ (CO-11) Use as many as needed


  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)
  • Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance (SDS)
  • Seller’s Affidavit of Nonforeign Status (AS)
  • Mold Disclosure (MD-11)
  • Insurance Claims Disclosure
  • Water Heater Statement of Compliance (WHS)
  • Seller’s Additional Disclosures (SAD)
  • Supplemental Statutory and Contractual Disclosures (SSD)


  • Agent’s Visual Inspection Checklist (AVI)
  • Request for Repair No. ___ (RR)
  • Verification of Property Condition (VP-11) Used at final walk-through


  • Contingency Removal No. ___ (CR) Use as many as needed

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