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A Few More Words on Open Houses

Posted in Open Houses by Jeff Dowler on October 5, 2006


To find out what homes are open, the various papers (Coast News, Union-Tribune, local weeklies) will list OHs that have been advertised by agents.

Another good on-line source is SignOn San Diego – this is the on-line version of the Union Trib. Check out the classifieds too. YOu will have the best results looking on-line on Saturday or even Sunday morning; samne for the newspaper. There are other Open House websites but I have found that you don’t see much advertised there.

NOTE:  Many Open Houses are NOT advertised in advance on-line OR in the papers, in part due to cost. There are so many on the weekends that many agents simply put out signage to capture the folks who are out driving around.  So while you may not see many listed, by driving around the areas that interest you there will be plenty of OHs to stop by. And if there are particular properties that are of interest to you, your agent can check the MLS or make a call to see if it is being held open.


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