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Open Houses

Posted in Open Houses by Jeff Dowler on October 5, 2006


As you start your search for a new home, you should certainly take advantage of the many open houses on the weekend adn see as many properties as you can. Early on, this will help you better define what you are looking for, gain a better feel for space (what does 1000 sf of living space feel like), and clarify the areas that you like (or don’t). You will also become more educated about value in different areas.

If you ARE working with an agent, please respect that relationship and, when attending an OH provide your agent’s name and number. Most agents at open houses will ask you if you are working with someone if you don’t volunteer it (they should, at any rate) – that way they can determine if you are a prospective client or not. So be clear that you have a relationship with someone. Hopefully, you will then be left on your own and you can enjoy looking at the open house. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of the agent in charge, and if you want to take photos, as a courtesy ask the agent if it’s OK (normally this is NOT a problem).


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