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What Does a Realtor Do?

Posted in Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on October 5, 2006

Buyers, especially new ones, often inquire about what the agent’s role is in the purchasing process. Some agents are good at explaining all that they do, but others do not. Here are just a few of the things I do as an agent here in Southern California (this will vary with the transaction and the circumstances). You can learn more here!

Pre-Counseling for Buyers

q       Review purpose and goals of counseling interview

q       Determine what activities, if any, buyer has engaged in thus far in looking for a home (talking with agents, searching on line, open houses, pre-approval)

q       Determine if buyer has a prior existing relationship with another agent and the nature of that relationship, including whether a buyer agency agreement has been signed

q       Discuss status regarding pre-approval and, if necessary, review the process and provide suggestions for getting pre-approved

q       Answer preliminary questions from buyer regarding the buying process

q       Set up mutually-agreeable time for counseling interview if buyer is serious

q       Forward buyer-related materials via email or otherwise (if time permits) to review prior to meeting

Buyer Counseling

q       Review goals and objectives of buyer counseling meeting

q       Determine specific questions buyer has that need to be answered

q       Discuss buyer’s needs and requirements in new home, lifestyle, financial status including pre-approval status, time frame for buying, past buying experience and current knowledge and related issues

q       Review the buying process, including time line, from start to finish, including forms

q       Review pre-approval process and answer questions; if buyer has letter, obtain a copy

q       Discuss pre-approval amount vs. actual budget to determine what buyer really wants and can spend

q       Review Buyer vs. Seller Agency vs. Dual Agency and answer questions

q       Determine if buyer wishes to be represented by an Buyer Agent or Seller Agent (if Buyer Agent: Review Buyer Agency Agreement and provide copy to buyer)

q       Provide other information as needed – Facts for Consumers about Home Inspections, information about credit reports, city information, information about RE/MAX

q       Outline home search process, resources available (local MLS,, various publications, etc.), and the added value of using a Realtor

q       Discuss psychological “readiness” to make the decision and buy

q       Counsel buyer on current market conditions (inventory, handling multiple offers, making quick decisions)

q       Discuss next steps

The Home Search

q       Provide access to MLS and automated email system if desired

q       Review MLS codes and other aspects of listings to ensure buyer understands property details

q       Answer questions about MLS listings and provide additional information as necessary

q       Schedule properties to tour when buyer has identified listings of interest

q       Provide itinerary to buyer in advance and communicate showing instructions, where to meet, etc.

q       Provide listing sheets on all properties to buyer

q       Obtain on-going feedback from buyer regarding each property

q       Provide information and answer questions on each property while touring

q       Continually clarify buyer requirements, likes and dislikes throughout the process

q       Provide information on Open Houses as needed

q       Obtain feedback from buyer when attending open houses unaccompanied

q       With buyer input, determine when buyer is ready to make an offer


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