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Insurance on your new home – Part 1

Posted in Insurance by Jeff Dowler on October 6, 2006

Here is the first installment of a discussion on insurance for your new home. This is important stuff! (this information is from the National Association of Realtors

Q. How can insurance availability/affordability affect the real estate transaction? 

A.  The affordability and availability of insurance affects both buyers and sellers.  Buyers will typically be obtaining mortgage financing to pay the purchase price of the property.  The lender will require that there be property insurance to cover their interest in the property.  If proof of insurance is not available at closing the lender will likely refuse to release the funds and therefore delay or even derail the transaction, either of which can impose both inconvenience and cost to both the buyer and seller.  Even in a “cash” transaction the buyer may be hesitant to complete a transaction where insurance is not available to cover the buyer’s equity in the property.


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