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Mortgage Application Information You Should Have

Posted in Mortgage info by Jeff Dowler on October 12, 2006

Here is a list of things to have on hand when you apply for a mortgage, or when talking with a mortgage lender about getting pre-approved. Some items may not apply to your circumstances, and the loan officer MAY request other things not listed here.

Ø     Copy of your signed offer (once you have a signed offer) if you are getting a new job or relocating with a new job

Ø     Your present mortgage information (if any), including a loan statement with account number and mailing address

Ø     Two-year history of employment and verification of all income sources (if spouse or partner is part of the loan application, his/her information will be needed as well)

Ø     If self-employed, copies of past two years Federal Income Tax Returns Form 1040 (some banks may require 3 years)

Ø     Information about your checking, savings and credit card accounts (account numbers, amounts, telephone numbers) and probably a copy of the most recent statement (on-line may be acceptable)

Ø     Name, account number and outstanding balance of each of your debts (credit cards, car loan, school loan)

Ø     Application deposits if needed (this may be included in the closing costs instead) 

Ø     Information about any assets (property, life insurance, stock) and perhaps copies of the latest statements

Ø     Information regarding any other assets that will be used as funds to close (e.g., 401K plan)

Ø     If FHA – Copy of Social Security card and photo ID

Ø     If VA – Certificate of Eligibility or DD214

Ø     If Employee Relocation Client – include relocation information and copy of offer, promissory note and copy of check on bridge loan if applicable. If employer is providing any funds or covering certain costs this should be documented in writing.


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