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Features and Benefits When Buying a Home

Posted in What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on October 15, 2006

As you are considering what you want in your first home, or perhaps a new home if you’ve done this before,  another strategy to help you refine your thinking about what is really important is to consider the FEATURES (the what) that you want, and the BENEFITS (the why) of each. In other words, when you think about a certain feature, such as a home office, consider also the reason or the benfits of that feature to YOU. This should help you develop a list of the features that really are important since they offer certain benefits. Other features will fall off the list because there really is no benefit to you personally. This will vary for each person depending on lifestyle and personal choice.  Using the “What’s Important to You” form I developed and mentioned in a previous post will help you as well.

As a new buyer, this is important to do. You don’t want to wander aimlessly and waste time looking at properties that are not suitable, because you haven’t given thought to what you really want, keeping in mind the budget that you can afford. Good luck!


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