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Homes for Sale Without Photos

Posted in House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on November 9, 2006

penny18.jpgAs you are doing your house hunting on-line (, emails from your REALTOR, other real estate websites), you will likely come across listings where there are no photos (or perhaps one poorly-taken picture of the outside – I have seen photos on-line like the one at the left, as well as upside down pics). I imagine you find this frustrating – I know I do as a REALTOR.

I have found that many buyers pass these by. Repeated studies and polls by various real estate groups (including the National Association of Realtors) indicate that buyers want to see photos, especially multiple ones, and view this as an important part of the listing, but despite this finding some agents simply do not bother with multiple photos.

I would strongly encourage you to NOT ignore listings without photos, as you may miss a really good property…and keep in mind that as a first time buyer your financial position may result in only a limited number of homes in your price range.

Listings may not have pictures for a variety of reasons, none of which have to do with the quality of the home itself:

  • New listings may lack photos since it may take the agent time to upload them, or to have a photographer in to take pictures (this could be done in advance of listing the home to solve this issue).
  • Some agents simply do not take the time or make the effort to take photos – in the past, with the seller’s market, homes sold quickly no matter what. Also, some agents do not have the technical skills or own a digital camera (not a good excuse in this day and age with the ease of digital photography, but there it is).
  • On rare occasions a seller may request that no photos be taken (and they may also request no signage).
  • If a home is unattractive or in poor condition the agent may feel it’s best to not show a photo (or they may only show the inside).

I encourage you to consider ALL homes in your price range, photos or not. If a home is of interest drive by (if the address is listed) or find out where it is from your REALTOR. Your REALTOR may also be able to get some photos to you if you are not in the local area. You might miss out on the best home simply by ignoring a poorly listed property.


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