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Searching on the Internet for a Home

Posted in House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on November 16, 2006

When using a brokerage or agent real estate website to search for a home, here are some tips to make your search as fruitful as possible.

Sites vary quite a bit in terms of the parameters they allow you to use. In general, it is probably not in your best interest when starting out to be TOO particular or use too many parameters to search (once you have the list you can always narrow it down by examining the listings in more detail). Using too many search criteria may cause the site to eliminate homes that could interest you.

Be flexible withyour criteria – if you want 3 bedrooms perhaps look at 2+, since that may bring up homes that have 2 full bedrooms and an office that can double as a bedroom. And it is probably best to not search on square footage, since this varies tremendously and some homes that are smaller actually feel larger because of the open floor plan.

Keep the price range broad (but don’t waste time looking above your price range that you are approved for, except perhaps a small amount since you might be able to negotiate down), especially if you don’t know the market well. Prices can vary tremendously. But if it sounds like too good a deal to be true, more than likely there is a problem.

Search frequently. There is lots (at least in the San Diego area) coming on the market and you don’t want to miss the right home by not checking for 2 weeks.

And ask your REALTOR to help you with the searching process. If your search is not giving you much, it could be that you are being too narrow with your criteria. But it may be that what you want does not exist in the area you are searching.


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