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Are You an eBuyer?

Posted in House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on November 21, 2006

If you are not using the Internet to assist you in your search for a home, you are among the minority. Recent surveys show that 75 – 80% of buyers are using the Internet for househunting, even before they contact an agent. A good agent can help you find the right home, even if you choose to not use the Internet in your search. But there are some advantages to being an eBuyer and doing your research first, and while actively looking with your agent.

First, you have most of the available inventory at your disposal, through, brokerage and agent websites, and FSBO sites. Not all homes will be found on the Internet, often due to seller request, but most will be there (with or without photos).

Second, the Internet allows you to search any time of the day or night and is generally updated frequently (I believe lags behind the posting of new listings by about 2 days once they are in the local MLS). You will also have access to map links so you can quickly see where properties are located (very helpful if you are unfamiliar with the local area). When you see things that are of interest you can share them with your REALTOR, who can then provide more detailed information.

Third, using the Internet to search regularly will give you a good education about the market. You will quickly learn what homes are available in different communities, price ranges, and more, so you will be a better educated consumer. This is not, however, a substituteĀ for sound advice and information from a REALTOR who knows the areas you are interested in.


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