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Posted in Choosing a Realtor,Psychological Stuff by Jeff Dowler on November 27, 2006

You probably know what this refers to, but if not…What’s In It For Me? As a first time buyer, you are likely thinking along these lines as you ponder what REALTOR to work with, what home to buy, which loan program to choose, etc.

Be assured, this is normal and to be expected, although many agents and other real estate service providers tend to forget this. Is this being self-serving? Perhaps, but let’s face it, YOU are the one who needs to buy the house. So isn’t the process, for the most part, all about YOU?

Agents tout their Top Producer status, their awards (top 1% in the state), and more, but don’t really consider what their potential clients want and need, and making sure they get it. What advice do YOU need to move ahead as a first time buyer? What SERVICES should you expect as part of the buying process? Don’t be shy about asking…but the right agent will tell you first.

Need help or just have questions? Check out my website’s page for buyers, and my Free Reports.


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