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What Does a Home Inspection Consist Of?

Posted in Due Diligence,Homeownership,Inspections by Jeff Dowler on December 4, 2006

I have written about the importance of having a home inspection before purchasing a home. But since it’s such a weighty topic, I thought a few more words on the subject, especially for new buyers, was in order.

So what does an inspection involve?

  • Review and inspection of major systems of the home – electrical, plumbing, structural/foundation, HVAC, roof – to learn about defects and current condition. Detailed assessments of these areas may need to be done by licensed trades people if there are particular concerns – ASK!
  • Education – this is the best way for you, the potential owner, to learn what you need to know about the house, and the repair and maintenane of all the systems 
  • Q and A – a chance for you to ask questions from someone with  much knowledge (inspectors are NOT normally licensed trades professionals and may not be able to answer ALL questions in depth; they are also prohibited by law in many areas to make certain recommendations or statements, especially financial)
  • Inspection Report – may be written or on-line. Don’t EVER rely on only a verbal report!
  • Waiver and Release – each state likely has requirements about this; the inspector will have you review a “hold harmless” statement and sign it, as well as other disclosures about the inspection itself.
  • The check – inspections are not free (it’s how the inspector earns his or her living). Typical cost is $200 – $500 but varies widely.

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