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What Does a Realtor Do? (Part 3)

Posted in Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on December 21, 2006

realtor-logo.gifHere is some more information on what a REALTOR (keep in mind I am referring to an agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors) does for buyers. This may vary from state to state, and from agent to agent. (if you missed my earlier posts, read Part 1 and Part 2 here)

Post-contract Acceptance

  • Ensure listing agent/seller provides all required disclosures and other documents per offer contract in a timely manner to buyer for review and acknowledgement/acceptance/discussion
  • Ensure buyer reviews all forms in timely manner and provides appropriate acknowledgement and/or signatures for selle,r and escrow company or attorney (depending on state adn who handles the transaction file) 
  • Discuss home and other inspectional options with buyer (unless waived)
  • If Buyer Agent:  provide names of recommended inspectors for buyer to set up appointment; inform listing agent of appointment time and date
  •  Attend home inspection with buyer;  Ask clarifying questions as needed
  • Review home inspector’s report with buyer
  • Determine if buyer has questions about the inspection or concerns about noted repairs or other deficiencies
  • Assist buyer in preparing a written punchlist (using required form) to present to seller, if applicable
  • Present documented repairs list to listing agent for presentation to seller
  • Provide written feedback from seller to buyer regarding repairs list items to be completed or not
  • Once agreement is reached, provide final signed copies to all parties
  • Inform listing agent of buyer’s decision to move ahead or not prior to end of contingency period or deadline stated in offer to purchase
  • If buyer decides to not proceed with purchase, provide appropriate documentation as required, necessary signatures and request return of deposit
  • Discuss homeowner’s insurance and ensure buyer determines insurability in timely manner (in CA, during the Contingency Period)
  • Coordinate with lender and listing agent to schedule home appraisal 
  • Follow-Up with lender to find out when Appraisal has occurred 
  • Provide feedback to buyer; if property does not appraise, discuss alternative strategies with buyer and lender
  • Ensure seller (through listing agent) is informed of any issues in writing and request for an extension to performance, if needed, is obtained
  • Ensure buyer removes any and all applicable contingencies by deadlines (using appropriate forms with signatures as required by state)

There may be other activities your REALTOR will engage in during this period. Check back for my next post, and let me know if there are any questions.


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