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What Does a REALTOR Do? (Part 4)

Posted in Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on December 22, 2006

realtor-logo.gifEach agent may operate a little differently, depending on experience, personal style, and the requirements of the particular transaction. Here are some more things you can expect from a REALTOR. and if you want the full report, you may visit my Buyer and Seller Reports page and request it via email.

(Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

Tracking the Loan Process

  • Ensure buyer has a lender and completes the loan application process by date set forth in offer
  • Maintain contact with lender to follow loan processing through to completion; coordinate information-sharing with lender as needed to complete loan file in a timely manner
  • Ensure buyer obtains letter of commitment by date as noted in the offer; if not, communicate new date to listing agent and request extension (must generally be in writing)
  • Ensure loan contingency is removed per required signed form, and acknowledged by seller
  • Make sure buyer maintains contact with individual managing the closing (attorney or escrow company, depending on state) so all requirements are met by deadline

Preparations for Closing

  • Obtain Insurance Certificate and /or other required documents (if condo) from listing agent – this may vary from state to state
  • Ensure buyer obtains homeowner’s insurance and can provide proof with payment receipt at closing
  • Remind buyer to set-up utilities at new property (provide names and numbers for gas, electric, telephone, water, sewer, cable as needed)
  •  Ensure buyer obtains final closing costs and has funds for payment either before or at closing, depending on standard process
  •  Schedule Final walk-through prior to closing (timing may depend on situation and agreement with seller)
  •  Attend final walk-through with buyer and note any issues or concerns
  • Ensure everything is in order for closing, and assist buyer in resolving any issues
  • Attend closing if standard protocol.
  • After closing, STAY IN TOUCH!!

While there may be many other things that go on behind the scenes, this will give you a good idea of what you can expect. As always, feel free to ask your agent questions at any time to make sure the process goes well. After all, it is YOU who has the most VESTED INTEREST in getting the house to closing. Good luck.


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