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How do I Evaluate a House When Touring it?

Posted in Due Diligence,Psychological Stuff,What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on December 27, 2006

for-sale-sign.jpgAs a new home buyer, you may wonder how to decide what home is right for you. And what things you should look for while you are touring specific properties.

Many people say that when they walked into the home they currently own they KNEW it was the right house. So you very likely will get a feeling that a particular home is the right one – something about it just feels good and comfortable. It may remnd you of a place you grew up in, or the apartment you currently live in. While this is no guarantee that the home IS perfect, it is not something to ignore. And if the overall feeling is positive, it can help you overlook other minor issues that you don’t like.

If you have created a list of things that are most important, as was suggested in a previous post, you should use that to help you evaluate each house. 

  • Does the home have most of the things you want?
  • Are there key items lacking? And, if so, could they be added or not?
  • If the overall configuration of the home pleasing or does it make you uncomfortable? Is it workable or totally unacceptable?
  • Are the things that need work something you are willing to take on, or pay someone to do, or not?
  • What is the kitchen like (this is the most expensive thing to update or remodel) and is it something you are reasonably comfortable with?
  • Try to ignore paint colors – you may hate what the owners have done but paint is the EASIEST thing to change.
  • Also ignore people’s decor, furniture and personal clutter – this can be hard to do but don’t let it discourage you from looking at the house as a place for YOU to live, not how the current sellers live.
  • Listen to neighborhood sounds, street noise, look at views from inside and from outside in the yard – are they pleasing? Annoying? 

With these few suggestions you should now have a good idea of how to approach touring each home and things you should consider. Keep in mind what is important to you and what is not.

Finally, I recommend that you revisit the home or homes that you particularly liked before you decide. It is amazing how you can miss things the first time around, especially if the home really appeals to you. A second view will help you be more objective so you don’t make a hasty decision. Your REALTOR can give you feedback about the home and answer questions, but ultimately YOU have to be comfortable with the property. And don’t worry if it is different from what you imagined you would buy – this is very common, especially for first time buyers.


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