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A Personal Note

Posted in Personal Stuff by Jeff Dowler on December 28, 2006

jeff-xmas-pic-with-mustache.jpgI was asked to share 5 things about myself that others on a real estate blog site I visit daily don’t know about me. Here they are:

1. I have been married for 27 years and have 2 daughters – one 26 (in LA) the other is 25 and living in the Boston area. Our first daughter was born on our 10-month anniversary – yes, people were counting

2. My wife and I are avid art collectors and had an art gallery for 3 years in Boston; currently we have well over 100 pieces (and not enough room)

3. I have ridden my bike on 2 AIDS benefits rides between Boston and New York (’bout 350 miles)   [BTW the organization that used to sponsor them had some financial difficulties and ultimately dropped out as sponsor/organizer.]

4. I have lived in 9 homes (in 5 states – Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, California) and 3 rentals since I got married.

5. I was in the opera “Aida” in Philadelphia when I was 12 years old (and no, it was not singing).

The pic was one I created using for my profile on another real estate blogsite.


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