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Posted in Personal Stuff by Jeff Dowler on December 31, 2006

happy-new-year.gifThis has nothing to do with real estate, nor is it really information intended for first time buyers.

I’ve been watching bits and pieces of the New Year’s Celebrations in other cities. Since I used to live in Boston, the Times Square party was always the most fun, and became sort of a tradition. Now, since I am living on the west coast, I can watch it at 9 PM and I don’t have to stay up til midnight! This is a great benefit, although it still feels a little weird.

Anyhow, while these celebrations serve to remind us that another year has passed, more importantly they signalss the start of  new one. And I am looking forward to a great year, personally and in my real estate business. We are seeing signs of positive change, and while I don’t expect things to move along dramatically, I do think we will continue to see more encouraging activity in the market. And for new buyers, this is a great time for you – you should be excited about the opportunities for 2007 too!

Have a great New Year’s, and a healthy, prosperous 2007!


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