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Bad, Bad, MLS

Posted in Due Diligence,House Hunting,Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on February 8, 2007

I’m going to rant a bit here…yes, it’s about my industry and the MLS. Well, not so much the MLS per se, but the people who put stuff INTO the MLS. My Colleagues!

The quality of the information in many MLS listings is terrible, and there is just no excuse. Terrible photos, or one bad one where you can hardly see the house, or none at all – this drives me up a wall. I am NOT a photographer, but I can take a fairly decent picture without much effort. Then load it into the MLS when I enter my listing. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. So why are they so bad? Or missing?And since we all know buyers WANT to see photos, not doing this is a major disservice to our clients, the sellers.

I also find the number of errors, major misspellings, or simply lack of information that will appeal to buyers such as yourselves, to be appalling. We all make typos now and then, even when we proofread over and over, and spellcheck will not catch some words (like their, instead of there). But having many typos in the small amount of info you see in an MLS listing is disturbing (it would bother me as the seller client, wouldn’t it bother you?). It’s distracting, and it makes you wonder about the professional who is managing the listing.

And having little information about the home, in a competitive market such as ours, does not have the intended effect, which is to attract buyers to the listing and to want to see the home. Since you have so much to choose from, wouldn’t it make sense for the agent to try to make THEIR listing stand out? I think so.

That being said, I feel better. And I encourage YOU to try and overlook these problems in our industry. Not because we  should just accept them, but because some of the really bad listings (based on what you see in the MLS) are actually really nice properties. So try to keep an open mind so you don’t miss out on the property that just might be your next home.

I sure hope I didn’t make a typo here!

Do you agree or not?


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