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So What do you Know About Credit Scores?

Posted in Financial,Mortgage info by Jeff Dowler on February 15, 2007

If you are like many of us, you may feel you don’t know much about credit scores – how they are calculated, what affects them, why banks use them, how they differ between the credit reporting agencies, etc. I know a bit about credit scores but I am certainly no expert.

Rather than try to explain what I do know, or to paraphrase a great article I just read, I thought I would share the actual article written by a colleague in the mortgage business, George Souto, who I respect a great deal. He writes well, is clear, concise, and very knowledgeable, and a recent post of his on credit scores is outstanding.

So, get ready for a good read. I am confident you will learn something of value, and hope you will enjoy it.


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