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Need a New Friend? Meet Your Camera

Posted in General Information,House Hunting,Inspections by Jeff Dowler on March 8, 2007

camera.jpgThis post is about your camera. If you need a new friend, meet your camera.

As a first time buyer you will get to see lots of homes. For some of you, maybe 10-15. For others, more than 30 perhaps. You will likely find yourself a bit confused as all the homes and their features blend together.

Use your camera! Hopefully you have a digital one – if not, get one…they are cheap.

Taking photos of the homes, the yard and the surrounding neighborhood (at least the properties that appeal to you) will help keep your thoughts organized when you try to recall which house has the great master bath you loved, or the one with the terrific view. The MLS, of course, will also offer some pics, but they may be limited and not of the things that matter to you. You can always delete the pics you don’t like or the homes that are no longer of interest.

The other time a camera may be your friend is during the home inspection, to take photos of problem areas the inspector points out. This will help you recall the issues that are mentioned as you try to work through the repairs list.

Finally, your friendly camera should accompany you on your final walk-through. If there are any issues that arise (personal stuff still in the home, water damage that occurred since you signed the contract, a broken window that was not there before, etc.), photos will help you remember these issues, but also provide evidence to the sellers (and an attorney if involved) to resolve the issue before closing.

Take care of your new friend! And your friend will take care of you!


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