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Should I Worry About Mold?

Posted in Due Diligence,General Information,Inspections by Jeff Dowler on March 25, 2007

It’s ugly. It smells. Should I worry about mold?

Worry may be a strong word, but it IS something to investigate so you understand the implications if you find it in a home you are buying. Inspectors will probably tell you that most house have some mold or mildew – you probably have noticed it yourself in your bathroom, perhaps in the discolored grout or caulking. Or under sinks. It can grow in many places, provided there is the dampness to support it. And most of us have discovered mold growing on certain foods we find hidden away in the furthest corners of our refrigerators – yuck. And of course there are good molds (which is a fungus), like yeast and penicillin.

So it is far more common that you might believe. If the home you are interested in buying is near the ocean or in an otherwise humid environment, mold problems can be very common. But they may be hidden, and you might not smell anything.

Therefore, one should investigate whether there is a more serious problem with mold during the home inspection, and if so, determine the extent, and cause. And remediation may be necessary. It can destroy various surfaces and materials; and some folks are allergic to it, so it can cause health concerns. Check out the information provided by the EPA for everything you should know about mold, how to prevent it, and ways to get rid of it.

There are lots of companies around that can assist with investigation andremediation of mold. If your inspector finds mold present it might be prudent to have an additional investigation before proceeding with the home. VM3 Environmental is one such company here in the Carlsbad area. Your agent may know of companies in your area.


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