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Consider a Home Warranty

Posted in Due Diligence,General Information,Insurance by Jeff Dowler on March 31, 2007

When buying a new home here in California (not just new construction) it is typical that a buyer will request a home warranty, to be paid by the seller, as part of the offer. This is not always to the case is other parts of the country. And it is not mandatory.

A home warranty provides the new homeowner the assurance that problems with appliances, plumbing, and similar issues will be taken care of within the first year of living in the home (depending on pre-existing conditions vs. not and other factors). This can result is a big cost savings shouldthere be significant issues.  A “typical” home warranty will run about $250 – $350 depending on the house. And you can add in things like A/C for additional premiums. There are many companies, like American Home Shield, that provide these warranties. But do your due diligence, since companies vary in reputation, service, details of their warranties, consumer satisfaction, and more.

If you are not in our area, you might want to consider obtaining one of these if not offered by the sellers on the home you are buying. Or ask about having this provided as part of your offer (talk with your agent). And they can be renewed each year in many cases. Consider it money well spent.


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