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Take a Break if You Need To

Posted in House Hunting,Psychological Stuff by Jeff Dowler on April 10, 2007

open-house-sign-and-house.jpgHouse hunting is tough, as I’m sure you are finding out.

There are lots of decisions to make, as we have already discussed – what to buy, how much to spend, what loan to use, the whole loan process itself.

And it’s very emotional. You get excited about buying, you spend countless hours on the Internet looking at homes for sale, you peruse the newspaper (perhaps), and take hours driving around a zillion neighborhoods, visit more open houses than you can count, and, hopefully, spend time looking at homes with an agent. It really IS time consuming and tiring, especially if there is a lot of inventory OR you take the approach that you need to see EVERYTHING in your price range (I do not recommend that).

If you reach a point where the process is getting tedious and you have not found the right property, it’s OK to take a break if you need to. Really, it is. Now, if you have  a deadline for some reason, such as the end of your rental or because you need to get settled before that first baby arrives, you may not be able to take the time off. But otherwise it could be a good idea for your personal situation. It helps to clear the head and sometimes a little incubation gives yourenewed energy and enthusiasm. And sometimes everything becomes very clear and you can refocus and find what you want right away.

If you do take a little time off, or slow down the process, I recommend you continue to watch the local housing market on-line in case things shift in some way, or the perfect house comes along. It happens!

So don’t feel quilty. It is feels right to continue on, then do so. But a short break may be right for you, too. You decide.


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