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Are You a Lookey Loo?

Posted in House Hunting,Psychological Stuff,What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on April 20, 2007

open-house-sign-and-house.jpgI’m wondering…are you a lookey loo (or “lookey lou” if your prefer)? You have probably heard this moniker, but if not, it is a common one in our business. Agents, and others in the business, refer to folks who are “just  looking” and not serious about buying as lookey loos.

Lookey Loos like to come to open houses just to, well, look – perhaps they are interested in checking out how homes are designed, decorated and furnished. Maybe they are seeking ideas for their own remodeling. Some appear to be dreaming about a new and more expensive home but are not really serious – they truly don’t want to buy or are not in a financial position to afford the kind of homes they are looking at. Neighbors, of course, are always curious, too – either they haven’t been in the home or they are comparing to their own. And there are likely other reasons too. Seems like some folks have nothing better to do on the weekend so they go to open houses. Maybe it’s a hobby?

Being a lookey loo is fine. If that’s what floats your boat, that’s cool. If you enjoy spending time exploring homes for sale, go right ahead. It’s nice to let others know you are “just looking” so you don’t mislead them, however. But usually it’s pretty obvious.

My question, however, is are you acting like a lookey loo but are actually serious about buying? Are you finding it hard making a decision? Are you trying to see every possible home in or near your price range, but finding that you cannot commit to making a decision on a home that suits your personal and financial needs? Are your actions saying “lookey loo” but are you telling your agent, or yourself, that you ARE a serious buyer.

Just something to think about. If you are really interested in making a home purchase, but not making the decisions you need to, I simply suggest that you consider why this might be so. Are you wasting your time right now? Perhaps you are mentally not ready? Or are scared to make the big decision(that’s common, especially for first time buyers). Acting like a lookie loo when you ARE serious  is a waste of time. And you convey a message to others that tells them “I’m just looking” so they won’t be as helpful to you as they could. So you might not get the help you actually need.

Before you head out this weekend to look at open houses….again…ask yourself. Are you a lookey loo?

Have a terrific weekend!


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