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Is This the First Time Home Buyer Seminar?

Posted in General Information,House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on May 7, 2007

students-in-classroom.jpgHave you ever attended a first time home buyer seminar? Is it something that interests you? Or that you feel you should do?

If you are not working with an agent and you have an opportunity to attend one, I would encourage you to do so. Some private or town organizations sponsor them (and in some communities you may qualify for certain financing from thetown if you meet certain income quidelines, with attending a seminar being a requirement) and sometimes an agent will do so as well. I have not done these yet because I am, in a sense, using this blog as my First Time Home Buying Seminar.

Sure the format and structure of a seminar is different, and certainly there is much more information HERE than you will ever get in a seminar. For some, sitting in a room with a speaker or two is a good way to gather the information that they need about the home buying process. Plus you have the opportunity to ask questions, and have a dialog.

My hope is that this blog provides a similar experience, but hopefully one that is enhanced by:

  • the format
  • the ability to stop by when it is convenient FOR YOU
  • the breadth of information
  • sharing of personal experiences
  • AND the ability to ask questions if you so choose and to do so anonymously.

So is this the First Time Home Buyer Seminar? I think so. Use it to your advantage. And if you have questions that are not getting answered, ASK, just like you would in a seminar.

Thanks for your continued participation!


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