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Who is in Charge?

Posted in Choosing a Realtor,Due Diligence,House Hunting,What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on May 7, 2007

leaders-in-bike-race.jpgIn the house hunting process, who is in charge? Your agent? Or you?

It’s a fair question, don’t you think? But if you look at what is going on during the process, the answer might not be so obvious. Your agent is (hopefully) providing you with lots of information about the buying process – the forms, the process itself, possible hurdles to overcome, sharing feedback on various properties or areas that you are exploring, and more. And since you are new at this you may be simply following along. After all, you don’t know which paths to take, do you.

I believe wholeheartedly that YOU, the buyer, are in charge. And if you aren’t, you should be. This process is all about you – your hopes, your dreams, your finances, your lifestyle. No one should be telling you where you should live, what style home will be best for your needs, which homes you should see (yes, many agents make the choices about the homes they show you, rather than letting YOU decide what you want to see), how much to offer, and much more.

This is NOT to say that the advice of your agent is NOT invaluable. It is. They have the experience, the knowledge of the business, the understanding of the market, and this is essential for you to have so you can make your best decisions, but it’s your choice. You are the one with the vested interest in getting the right home, how much you spend, and so on. Your agent, the inspector, your mortgage broker and others are part of the team to help you get what you want  and can afford, hopefully with a minimum of problems. So take charge – make the choices, obtain the information in order to make the right decisions, and be responsible for YOUR home buying process. And keep in mind that it IS your choice, and you are responsible for the choices that you do make, and no one else.


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