Jeff’s Carlsbad Blog for First Time Home Buyers

Looking for a Defect-Free Home?

Posted in House Hunting,Inspections,Psychological Stuff by Jeff Dowler on June 6, 2007

As a new buyer you are undoubtedly learning lots of things about the process as you conduct your home search, visit homes for sale and open houses, ask questions, and so on.

I hope that you are not one of the buyers that is looking for a defect-free home. They are out there, trust me. But if that is your attitude, I suspect you will be sorely disappointed. They just don’t exist. You shouldn’t expect that you will find such a home, nor be disappointed that the home you are trying to buy ends up having problems during your home inspection. This is true even if you buy brand new construction. And having such an attitude will set up some negative dynamics in your negotiations with the seller, especially when it comes time to discuss possible repairs.

Being realistic in your expectations is a big part of buying your first home. And being prepared to buy a home youlove even though it has some issues is pretty normal. And you might actually enjoy the opportunity to fix up your new place.

Obiouvsly you don’t want something that has more problems than you can take on, or can afford to fix (unless you want a “handyman” special), but be realistic in your expectations and in your attitude about what you want. If you go about looking for a defect-free home, you will likely never buy. Hmmm, is that perhaps your excuse to not make a decision?


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