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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

As a first time home buyer, you undoubtedly have lots of questions about the purchase process. Hopefully some of those answers have been provided in my previous posts, but there is lots more you need to know, so make sure you make your list and talk with your agent about procedural matters and paperwork.

Or feel free to post those questions here and I will answer them.

Another big part of the process, obviously, is finding the right home in a community and neighborhood you like. So how do you decide?

Here are some things inquiring minds want to know when  trying to find the right area; you probably will think of more;

  • Schools – which ones, quality, number of students, programs
  • Crime – general crime statistics for the area including presence of child molestors
  • Community programs – parks and recreation, art, summer programs, senior programs
  • Health Care – access to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies
  • Home Owner Association – is there one? Any restrictions? Monthly costs, local services included (pool, spa, tennis, elevator, parking, garage)
  • Property taxes, Mello Roos (here in California)
  • Access to public transportation – trains, buses, proximity to major airport
  • Access to commuting routes – freeways, major roads
  • Development programs – any new development being planned in the area; plans for undeveloped land near the home – malls, industrial plants, commercial vs. residential development, obstruction of views, general growth patterns
  • Local Market Conditions – prices increasing or decreasing, marketing times, inventory, number of sales, stable vs. transitioning neighborhood
  • Shopping – access to grocery stores, speciality shops, clothing stores, malls, outdoor and gardening centers
  • Other amenities – access to restaurants, movie theatres, tourist attractions, beaches, mountains, sporting events, theatre, music offerings; do you want to be able to walk to these things or drive, and if so how far
  • Population density – do you like wide open space or closeness, single family homes or condo developments, yards and outdoor space
  • Tract homes vs. custom – do you like areas where homes are all similar or more diverse

These are just some things you may want to ask about, at least if they are important to you.

If I can help in any way with more information about the San Diego area, or other realted questions, please let me know.


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