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What is Property ID?

Posted in Due Diligence,FAQs,Real Estate Disclosures by Jeff Dowler on June 22, 2007

I have heard of Property ID but don’t know what it is or what they do?”

Property ID is a national company, founded in 1976 in California, that provides natural and environmental hazards disclosures for both residential and commercial property.

As a buyer here in California (and many other states), the natural hazards disclosure is an important of the due diligence process once your offer has been accepted. The purpose here is to uncover any issues related to natural and environmental factors that may impact your home, and to communicate those to you in a detailed report so you know what you are buying. The cost of the report is normally paid for by the seller.

The report will detail whether you are:

  • in a earthquake fault zone
  • near an airport
  • near a former military installation
  • in a flood zone
  • in a protected wildlife are
  • in or near a fire hazard area

and much more. Once you have this information, you have the option of deciding if you still wish to purchase the home or not based on the natural and environmental hazards in the area. Certain factors (earthquakes, fires, flood) may impact your insurance as well.


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