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Still Looking for a Real Estate Agent?

Posted in Choosing a Realtor,House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on June 27, 2007

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but even if I did it is worth sharing again. There are a couple of websites you may want to check out regarding real estate, both of which I write on.

One is ACTIVERAIN. The neat thing about this site is you can search in all 50 states and find people in the real estate industry who provide information in their respective areas. But you can also search for an agent in your community. This is not like looking on Google, or in one of the zillion sites that purports to provide you with the best agents to choose from. Each community (at least fairly major ones) will have multiple agents that you can read about, and by reading their blogs you will learn about THEM personally. Great way to find someone to help you outside the Southern California area.

Another good site, associated with Activerain but focussed more on consumer information is Localism. Once again, this is a site where you can seach in your respective geographies and read about communities, market reports, news, events, see photos and much more. Great sources of information. To see the information that I have written about Carlsbad, CA and local areas, click here. At the bottom of my profile page are the links to all the articles on Localism.

You can follow the same process with any other city in the US.

Good luck. These are both terrific sources of information for first time buyers.


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