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What Do I Do If the Seller Rejects My Offer?

Posted in FAQs,Financial,Offers by Jeff Dowler on July 24, 2007


There is a good chance that a seller will reject your offer if it is a low ball one, say 15-20% below the asking price.

The best approach to negotiation when making an offer is to propose a sale price that the seller will at least consider, and will counter-offer if they are not willing to accept it. But some buyers insist on making really low offers in the hope of getting a great deal, especially in this market where the inventory is large and homes are sitting on the market for long periods (in some cases).

Just as you have the right to make any offer, so can the seller respond any way desired.

If your offer is simply rejected without a counter, you have a couple of choices:

  • Come back with another, better offer if you are truly interested in acquiring the house
  • Walk away from the deal and pursue something else

You must decide what the home is worth to you and if pursuing it makes sense. While rejection of a low-ball offer is to be expected, I think, a seller may also reject a reasonable offer for a variety of reasons, which is harder to understand as the buyer.

If you really want the property and feel you can get to the point where you and the seller can agree on a price, then negotiations should continue. Otherwise it’s time to say NEXT!


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