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As My Agent, What Will You do For Me?

Posted in FAQs,Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on September 26, 2007

As a buyer, you have lots of decision to make and many responsibilities. And some buyers decide to pursue purchasing a home without using an agent – making decisions without advice from a professional, making offers without really understanding the market and the value of the target property, and so on.  And that’s a personal choice.

I guess I don’t understand why, when making the biggest purchase decision of your life as a consumer, you would not want to have the expert advice of someone who knows the real estate business and the market, to help you.

I’m sure you are asking, well, as my agent, what will you do for me?

There are a lot of things I can and will do as a licensed real estate professional and I have written several articles about this (read more here):

  • A critical thing I will do is help you strategize about your offer – how much (making sure you know the value compared to similar properties that have sold), contingencies you should request, timing, financial terms, and more. And I will help you complete the 8 pages of the purchase agreement here in CA (plus multiple other documents).
  • The other major issue is confidentiality. I will honor that, and keep all information confidential from the seller and listing agent unless your permission is granted to share it. Some things SHOULD be shared to help you in your negotiations, while others should not.

All in all my responsibility as YOUR AGENT is to look out for YOUR fiduciary interests, and to represent YOU in the real estate transaction and NOT the seller.


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