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First Time Buyers – Silence is Golden

Posted in General Information,Offers,Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on October 2, 2007

A few words to the wise, for those of you who are buying your first home (or even those who are more experienced).

When you find that home that really excites you, it’s hard to not talk about it…what you like about the home, where you would put your furniture, etc. You SHOULD be that excited. Just make sure you are not talking about your feelings in front of the SELLER or the LISTING AGENT. And presumably you have an agent who is representing YOU so it’s OK to talk with him/her.

Silence is golden, when it comes to this situation, and making an offer. As a first time buyer you want YOUR agent to represent YOUR best interests, so make sure you are not revealing things to the seller unintentionally that might jeopardize your ability to negotiate the best price and deal. Once the seller (or the seller’s agent) knows you LOVE the place they are going to expect that you will pay more to get it. Don’t let that happen. Let your agent do the talking with the seller and listing agent.

Make sure things that should be confidential stay confidential…with you and your agent. If there are things you don’t want revealed (like you will pay full price if you need to), make sure this is clear with your agent.


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