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Another Website for Researching Communities

Posted in House Hunting,Neighborhoods by Jeff Dowler on October 8, 2007

I came across another website you might want to try out in your research on-line as you try to figure out which community, like Carlsbad, or anywhere else, to buy your new home in.

Zip Skinny is a neat site that provides a range of information on communities throughout the country – finanacial, housing, crime, and so much more. It could be a good way to get the general idea about communities that interest you and to compare them. Keep in mind that the data are only as good as what the site captures – census data, for example, is a few years old.

Here’s an example of information on 92009 in Carlsbad California.

I certainly would not rely solely on this site to get all the info you want on a community but it’s a good starting point and may tell you some things you won’t learn elsewhere. I also recommend that folks investigate the Chamber of Commerce site for the towns that interest them as well as the town website (here is the town website for Carlsbad).


Start your CARLSBAD HOME SEARCH here (and other San Diego communities)




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