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More on Listing Photos

Posted in House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on October 11, 2007

The real estate industry knows that buyers want photos of listings., based on what buyers keep telling us. Preferably LOTS of them.

But given the number of listings where there photos are missing, or there are only a couple and they are terrible, it’s clear that MANY agents just don’t get it. And don’t care (oh, and what about the clients they are supposedly serving?). Quite frankly it’s embarrassing to me as an agent.

And annoying to YOU, the buyer, no doubt.

We also know virtual tours are becoming more popular and more in demand. Given the ease of digital photography, it is hard to understand why, given what WE know, that photos are still so few and far between, and of such poor quality (who cares about the toilet in the bath – we all know there is one, right?).

In this market where there is lots to choose from, you probably just ignore those listings without photos. I don’t blame you, given the number of choices.

You have to decide for yourself, but I would not be too hasty in passing over listings without photos, unless you just don’t have time to peruse them all and have to eliminate some of them. You may miss out on a great home.

If you are working with an agent perhaps he/she can take photos for you. Or you might just drive by (if you have the address) to check it out just in case.


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