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Please Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Posted in House Hunting,Realtor's Job by Jeff Dowler on November 14, 2007
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Do you like to be told what to do? Or to make your own decisions?

This is something to think about in your real estate transaction.

As a new buyers there is lots to learn and you will need a fair amount of direction. And sometimes that means being told what to do vs. making your own decisions.

But often you have choices, and your agent should let you know what they are so YOU can make the best decision for your personal situation. The choice, in the majority of situations, should be YOURS and not your agent’s, unless there are requirements by state law or other circumstances that warrant being told…you must do this! And you should understand the implications of NOT doing things that are in your best interest.

One critical area, in my opinion, where this is important is the home search itself. Should YOUR AGENT decide what homes you should see, or should YOU? I feel strongly that it is primarily YOUR choice, not mine. Perhaps you do too.

I would be clear up front with whoever you work with as to how the home search  should proceed to be most effective for YOU. After all, YOU are the one who has to live with the decision.

I prefer for clients to do their research and decide what things they want to see, or not. BUT there are times when I encourage them to see, or not see, certain properties one I know what they are really looking for. This way I can save them time and trouble, or direct them to properties that really can work well for them that they may have overlooked. And since I know the market well, I can often help them be more effective in their searching.

In cases where someone is brand new to the area and has no clue (a relocation, for example), I will provide them with a variety of homes in different areas to give them an overview so they are better able to make decisions going forward about areas they like, types of homes, and so on. But it really depends on what is best for them.

Think about it. What works best for you?


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