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Giving Buyers What They Want

Posted in Choosing a Realtor,General Information,House Hunting by Jeff Dowler on December 3, 2007

This is NOT about sellers giving buyers what they want…although that is certainly one way to make a deal happen.

This is about blogging, and the value to consumers such as yourself – the first time buyer.

Presumably you are reading this and other real estate blogs because you WANT and NEED information as part of your home search process. And that’s precisely what you should receive, when you want and need it most.

It’s not about convincing you to use a certain agent (well, it shouldn’t be).

It’s not about SELLING to you, either.

The Internet, and blogs in particular, are there to provide you with what you need to know in your home search. Yes, you will likely want to use an agent, and blogs can help you decide WHO you would like to work with.

But first and foremost you are reading to gather information to help make important real estate decisions as a  first time buyer, and this should be available to you without any strings attached (like in the “old” days when the consumer HAD to use an agent in order to get the details on the homes that were for sale).

If you have been researching on-line for a while you have probably figured this out. If you are just getting started, there is a wealth of real estate information out there for you…on this blog for first time buyers and elsewhere. Take advantage of what is there for you to use.

And DON’T let yourself be sold.

If you have any questions you need answered, let me know and I will post a response for all to read.


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