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First Time Home Buyers – Get Organized for Your Move

Posted in General Information by Jeff Dowler on January 21, 2008
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I apologize for not writing more since the beginning of the year. Somehow things just got away from me, and business has really picked up. A good sign, I would say.

Now that the holidays are passed, we are seeing an increase in inventory – not a surprise, and this can mean for options for your first time home buyers.

If you are looking to buy a home, you probably need to start thinking about getting organized for your move. No one really likes to move but it has to be done. While some folks use movers, a good number do it themselves. Being prepared is important so you don’t waste time.

I am writing a series on getting organized which is likely to have some interest from lots of people – those who are selling and then moving, those of you who are buying your first home, and perhaps even some who are staying put but know their homes and lives are chaotic and want to do something about it.

I have asked Kathi Burns, business owner and Founder of addSpace to Your Life! to help with this task, since she is an expert on getting organized. Need to get rid of clutter? Organize your closets? No matter what, I think Kathi will have some great tips for you. And feel free to pass along the articles or refer friends, family and neighbors to them.

You can read the full introductory article Don’t Let Disorganization Ruin YOUR Move here. Kathi’s first of 3 posts will be later this week, and I will post the links here.


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