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When You Snooze You Lose

Posted in Psychological Stuff,What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on February 21, 2008

You may have heard the expression “when you snooze, you lose.” Sometimes waiting to make a decision, or to do something means you lose out on what you want or need.

The same is true in real estate…

even in this market of loaded inventories and sluggish sales.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because the market has shifted and is slower (the media tells us that all the time) that the home you find and love will sit there and wait for you to make a final decision. Even in the case of REOs, foreclosures and short sales.

Our cat sleepingWaiting to make a decision because you hope the price will change, or a better deal will come along, or for whatever reason COULD result in you losing the house you really liked. I have seen this happen repeatedly, even in this market. Buyers sometimes think that because there is so much to buy, or things are slower, that they can take their time.

Sometimes they can wait and things work out.
But sometimes, “when you snooze you lose.”


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