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California Buyers and Natural Hazards Reports

As part of your due diligence when buying Carlsbad real estate (and throughout San Diego County) you have the opportunity to review a natural hazards report that is typically paid for by the seller and provided to you by companies like Property ID.

The Mandatory Residential Disclosure Report is a weighty document that provides information about the Carlsbad home you are trying to buy with regard to the presence of any natural hazards and other conditions that might impact the property, and possibly your decision to buy it. These include (among other things):

Flood hazard zones

Dam Failure Inundation

Fire Hazard

Earthquake fault Zones

Landslide Inventory

Tsunami Hazard

Radon Gas Potential

Naturally Occurring Asbestos

There are also government environmental hazard reports/information guides and the earthquake safety report that are part of this disclosure. You can view (and download) these reports if you are interested:

Residential Environmental Hazards Report and Information Guide

Earthquake Safety Guide


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