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I Don’t Want That in the House

Posted in Due Diligence,FAQs,What do I Buy? by Jeff Dowler on September 18, 2008
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Buyers are often confronted with lots of stuff when they are touring homes they are considering buying. And, equally often, the question is ” does that stay with the house or does it go?”

This is a great question, and one every buyer should ask.

When you submit an offer you will want to define or clarify any issues about stuff that you want vs. what you don’t/ Without making it complicated, in general ALL the sellers’ personal possessions or “personal property” are expected to be taken (including the trash), while things that are “attached” generally stay. Things like appliances can become big issues in negotiations since the sellers may want some of them (often the washer, dryer, and refrigerator). Commonly the MLS will list which appliances convey with the house, but NOT ALWAYS. So if these are important, you should check AND list them in the offer as remaining with the house.

Bear in mind that this is negotiable, and simply asking for all the appliances, or other things, does not mean the seller will willingly leave them. That may depend on your offer. Admittedly some sellers are not very clear about these things,, change their minds, etc. which can lead to confusion, and disrupt the negotiation.

By the same token, if there are things you do NOT want, it does not hurt to spell that out in writing so there is no confusion. You are in a much stronger position to demand something be removed if it is spelled out in the contract both you and the seller signed.

Talk with your agent about these issues before you get too far along. It can help avoid any problems.


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