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More on Negotiating Repairs After Your Home Inspection

Posted in Due Diligence,The purchase process by Jeff Dowler on December 10, 2008
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It is truly rare, and perhaps impossible, to find a home that does not require some sort of repairs…even a brand new home. Often these things are minor, or deferred maintenance issues, but sometimes they are more significant.

A plumbing problem needing a repair

A plumbing problem needing a repair

As a buyer you DO NOT have a to buy home that needs repairs or has many defects if you don’t want (but be SURE to check on your offer contract in your area to be sure of this, and how and when you are able to back out of any offer contract). But in most cases it seems that buyers DO want to move ahead but would like to have some or all of the repairs taken care of by the seller, or to receive a credit or price reduction.

Repairs are always negotiable, which means you can ask for them to be taken care of, but that the seller can also respond by taking care of some, all, or none. And depending on the amount of your offer you may be in a better position to negotiate (a strong offer) or not.

Some states, like California, have a specific form that is to be used to request that repairs be taken care of. It is OK to submit a list with the form to outline the repairs and how you wish them to be handled (e.g., the receptacles to be repaired by a licensed electrician).

In other states you might simply provide the seller with a politely written request to take care of certain repairs, or propose a price reduction or credit.

As with an offer, requests for repairs are negotiated until both parties agree on how they are to be handled. Or you decide to walk away.

Be sure to talk with your REALTOR to understand the process in your area and what makes sense for your particular offer contract.


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