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Are You Willing to Ask for Help?

Posted in Choosing a Realtor,The purchase process by Jeff Dowler on January 13, 2009
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Many first time buyers start out their home search looking on-line and perhaps driving around and stopping in at open houses. Some have an idea about what buying a home entails, from friends or family, but some have little or no clue about what a home purchase actually entails.

It seems that many first time home buyers want to be in control of their search and go about it in their own way. And that’s fine. But at some point it really makes sense to ask for assistance. Are YOU willing to ask for help?

Having a knowledgeable REALTOR to represent YOUR interests, as we do sellers’, is of tremendous value to you.  Working with the agent who is listing the property you like will not accomplish that since that agent represents the seller. And if you don’t know what you are doing, can you really risk not having qualified help?

You also need to have the guidance of a qualified and trusting mortgage professional. Getting a loan these days is much more complicated because of stricter requirements, and a seeming reluctance of some banks to loan money. As a first time buyer, you likely don’t have a large down-payment and this makes getting a loan tougher. The good news is that the interest rates are some of the lowest in many decades.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not asking for help. A team effort to get you into your first home IS the way to go. Going it alone will lead to frustrations, and fear about making mistakes.

It’s still all about you and your first home purchase even when using the help available to you.


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