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The Obvious, and Hidden, Costs of Buying a Home

No doubt buying a home these days is expensive. Particularly in some parts of the country such as Southern California.

Many of the costs are obvious, but some are expenses buyers don’t necessarily think about, or are somewhat hidden.

In this first article of 3, the focus is on the costs you may incur during the home search, as well as after you get an offer acceptance. Because some folks are backing out of deals, or having them fall apart (especially the short sales and foreclosures [REOs]), there may be fees you are paying even though you don’t end up with the home you want.

Read more about some of the home buying costs you may not think about (Part 1 of 3)

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New Construction Homes in Carlsbad

These may not fit many budgets, especially those of you who are buying your first homes.

Model Homes at Rockledge in La Costa Oaks Carlsbad

Model Homes at Rockledge in La Costa Oaks Carlsbad

There are several communities of new construction homes in Carlsbad that may be of interest. What I find particularly impressive is that these homes are going QUICKLY – quite a change from a year ago when homes were languishing on the market and new home building sorta stopped.

Now there are 5 new communities that are building with another (53 Melrose) just starting in South Carlsbad.

Read more about COPPERWOOD and ROCKLEDGE in the La Costa Oaks master planned community in Carlsbad.  If you want new construction for under $250/SF here is your chance – but it’s going fast.

Carlsbad Homes – Short Sales Q and A

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I am often asked questions about short sales. Let’s face it, they have an appeal for many buyers, even though they may end up not being a great deal, and there are a good number of them around in various markets. Sooner or later you will come across one in your Carlsbad home search, or anywhere else you may be looking (keep in mind that laws regarding some of these issues MAY vary from state to state).

I have been writing a series on common questions that Carlsbad buyers typically ask. I will update this list as I post other articles; these are probably pretty common for buyers everywhere:

Who Pays the Taxes and Penalities?

Who Pays the HOA Fees?

Who Pays the Commissions?

Can I make an Offer Contingent on Selling my Home?


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Short Sales NO: Bank Owned Properties YES


I’ve written about the issues involved in buying a short sale home in the past.

I don’t really encourage first time buyers to go after them because they can be so difficult and frustrating. That’s not to say you should not consider them as part of your home search strategy, but beware…they can really try your patience, and they are NOT necessarily a good deal. Doing your homework is ESSENTIAL!

On the other hand Bank Owned Properties can be a good opportunity for you.

Also referred to as REOs, these are properties that have been through the foreclosure process but not acquired at auction so the bank now owns them and is selling them publicly through an agent on the MLS.

  • Some of them can be very well priced because the bank wants to off-load them.
  • And they are generally handled just like any other real estate transaction, as opposed to the complexities of the short sale.

As always, you will want to do your due diligence to see if they are priced well for the market. And as part of the offer process a prudent buyer will conduct a thorough home inspection with a licensed inspector.

Consult with the agent you are working with, or feel free to give me a call/text message (760-840-1360) or send me an email to


Short Sale Contingencies 

Are You Hunting for a Deal? Short Sales – Perhaps Not the Deal of the Century 

Buying a Short Sale


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